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My mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on your business and life. Help  your company and your team become more productive and successful by using LinkedIn.


You’ve heard the endless buzz about the professional benefits of using LinkedIn,
you’re ready for your company to dive in deeper or just get started with this cutting edge platform, but you’re too busy to spend precious company team time learning how to use it effectively to accelerate your company’s results.

Am I right?

If that’s you read on.

In just one day with me, your entire company can have a well optimized profile thats shares your value in the marketplace.

The workshop also covers a simple step-by-step process everyone on your team can follow to use LinkedIn effectively for professional growth and development.

As a company that is well optimized on LinkedIn, you will attract the right people to your team and company profiles, and build strong relationships that matter.

Brand Your Company and Team on LinkedIn!

  • Craft a Personal Brand

    Communicate clearly your value in the marketplace and let the world know what you’re made of!

  • Establish Trust & Credibility

    People do business with people they trust. Build trust and credibility with your profile.

  • Optimize Your Profile

    Optimize your profile and get found by others who need your offerings or skills.

  • Complete Your Profile

    Achieve “All Star” completed LinkedIn profile status!


Benefits of Branding Your Company on LinkedIn:

  • Present Yourself as a Powerful Professional

    Compel people to want to get to know you better not just on LinkedIn but offline by having a powerful and professional presence on the largest network dedicated to business.

  • Position Yourself as a Valuable Resource

    Your well crafted professional identity will have people see you as a skilled professional and subject matter expert who is a valuable resource and trusted adviser.

  • Attract New Opportunities

    You never know who’s looking at your profile and what you can do to help them. By properly optimizing your profile you will be appearing in searches, and LinkedIn will present you to other professionals while you sleep.

  • Learn Intentional Networking Strategies

    Learn strategies to grow the right network: connect, meet, and build a relationship with new people of interest who can help you move the needle in your business or career.

Opportunities don’t fall from the sky – they come through people.

Your LinkedIn profile is not just another profile on a social network, it is your professional identity and how people perceive you in the marketplace: What you offer, how you do it, what you’ve done, and whether they should move forward building a professional relationship with you.

  • Using LinkedIn is no longer optional these days if you plan to succeed. It’s a must-have valuable business tool for anyone interested in business growth and new business opportunities.
  • As the largest professional social network, with hundreds of millions professional users in over 200 countries, and many useful features, LinkedIn has become a key component in driving global professional relationships.
  • With mobile internet access on the rise, it’s only a matter of time until every business professional, in every industry, will be using LinkedIn as the main platform of communication in business. In most industries it’s already the reality.

Establish trust and credibility through your company and team LinkedIn profiles, clearly communicate your value in the marketplace and grow your business!

Topics of the Company Team LinkedIn Seminar Include:

  • Identifying your company professional mission, brand, and message.
  • Your company services, products, skills, benefits, and value to your target market.
  • The ONLY 6 step-by-step process to follow to compliment existing marketing efforts.
  • Designing a customized LinkedIn strategy to serve YOUR company’s needs.

What Are the Benefits of The Seminar:

  • Uniquely compelling LinkedIn profiles – company wide.
  • A well-optimized and completed profiles for everyone (Labeled “All Star” level).
  • Your next steps: Customized LinkedIn networking strategies coaching.
  • Differentiation, Thought-Leadership, Inbound Leads, Strategic Partnerships.
  • And much, much more…
”Joshua, ”FreshBiz” “The workshop was great. It was very practical and didn’t just cover the cookbook like instructions of what to do, but gave the understanding of WHY… I now know I have not been keeping up-to-speed and Linked can be much much more.”


”Liz, ”RapidFire ”Asher’s recent seminar at PICO on using LinkedIn to the fullest was excellent. It was clear he made a strong impression on his audience with his years of expertise, myself included. I left at the end of his talk loaded with new information, strategy ideas, and action items.”

I’m offering a very low introductory rate for these packages!


Small Business
$197(Regular $997)

  • 1 Week Support
Get Started Now!
Great for startups or small teams of up to 10 people.
$997(Regular $3,997)

  • 3 Weeks support
Get Started Now!
Great choice for teams of 50-100 people.

How Does This Work?

After purchasing the LinkedIn for Leaders Package that fits best for you, you will receive a personal email to schedule a call about the company goals and seminar.

After the course I will still be available for questions and a follow up session. Advance notice of 1 week required from the the day of purchase, but I do my best to be available as soon as possible so you can start reaping the benefits right away!


What People Say

”Simcha, ”FreshBiz” ”It’s amazing how transformational just a couple of consultations with Asher has been for our business!”
”Baruki, ”Serial “Asher is an extremely creative and talented professional who helped me perfect my LinkedIn profile. His insights and advice were invaluable and I would give him the strongest endorsement.”
”Michael, ”Jerusalem …With greater clarity in how LinkedIn works I now understand its value as a networking tool and a means to growing just about any business out there.
, ”Remax “After the training with Asher I understood that LinkedIn is a powerful tool that will help me expand the pie with new clients and excellent connections that can lead to endless possibilities . I would recommend Asher’s services to anyone who calls themselves a professional!  He is a true expert!”


If for any reason you were not completely satisfied, simply let us know in writing within 30 days of profile completion and you will receive a full refund – no questions asked!

get started today

My mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on your business and life.


Asher Abraham

My mission is to make a positive and lasting impact in your business and life.

I coach people and companies on how to use LinkedIn to become more productive and successful, grow their career and business, and live out their “professional mission”.

I use my experience of using LinkedIn for many years - as an INTENTIONAL, AND VALUABLE BUSINESS SKILL used to grow:

✔ the right professional relationships.
✔ personally and professionally.
✔ a career or business revenue (over the past 14 years I generated millions in revenue for multiple companies).

The course is specifically designed for the shared and purpose-driven economy of today.

I'm the Co-Founder of THE BRAND BUILDERS ( - a boutique marketing services agency specializing in effective email marketing programs that build trust, your brand, and your bottom line.

I love to work hard and play hard, and when I'm not busy helping my clients I spend quality time with family and friends, workout, and listen to amazing audio books.

I live with my amazing wife and son, Ruthie and Ethan, in Israel. For more information please feel free to contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Not ready to take the plunge into the next level of your career
and become a powerful professional?

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