4 Tips on How to Ride the Waves of Life

Big wave

One of my favorite things to do on a hot summer day is go to the beach to swim, and ride some big waves (body surfing). Riding waves isn’t just fun and exciting, the activity can teach you some powerful lessons about the waves of life:

1. Choose your waves wisely:
wait for the right opportunity. If you get on the wrong wave, you may get thrown around, get water up your nose, and end up going in the wrong direction – the wrong destination beach.

When choosing a new wave in life, look at its direction and evaluate whether or not riding it is going to take you to the right beach where the sand is white and soft. Make sure the wave is powerful enough to get you where you want to go.

Often, you may need to pass up on some mid-size waves to choose the one that is powerful enough and is going in the right direction towards your ultimate destination.

2. Ride the front – Timing is everything:
People call it “catching waves” for a reason. You must catch good waves before it’s too late. There’s no point in riding the back of the wave – the power, the excitement, and the most fun, always happens when you ride the front of it.

Ask yourself, “am I riding the front of the wave or did I “miss the boat”?” For example, if you don’t feel progress and fulfillment in your career, it may be time to “catch” a new wave… Is the industry you’re in expanding or shrinking?

3. Be patient: Small and weak waves are part of the experience.
Not every wave you ride will deliver the experience you’re looking for. Some waves are misleading in their appearance and you may end up under water in the mercy of a cruel one.

Know this: every wave will move on and a new one will come soon so don’t give up riding just because you got some water in your nose…

4. Go or it!
Some of the best waves seem too big and scary. These waves can cause you to doubt your very ability to ride them. But hesitation is a sure way to miss the best waves.

When you find a powerful wave, get ready, get committed, and simply go for for the ride! Stay on the wave and ride the momentum as long as you can… Life is too short to ride little waves that may feel secure but take you nowhere!

Is the wave you are currently riding powerful enough to get you to the soft, white sandy beach you’re shooting to arrive at?