7 Apps that Compound the Power of LinkedIn

1. Oktopost.com:

Great tool for B2B marketers who want to measure the impact of their LinkedIn activity and ROI.


2. Refresh.io:

About to meet someone you connected with on LinkedIn? Use Refresh to get to know them better before you meet in person so you won’t have to speak about the weather ever again!


3. Newsle.com:

Stay up to date with news about your network.


4. Relate.ly:

The simplest way to stay in touch and build valuable
relationships with prospects, clients, and key partners online.

Get more referrals, sales, and repeat customers by receiving reminders,
message suggestions and scripts to reach out before you fall out of touch.


5. Intro:

 See the emails sender’s LinkedIn profile in every email.


6. Cardmunch:

Turn your business cards into contacts.


7.  Sharing Bookmarklet:

Easily Share From Anywhere: Share webpages with your professional network and groups straight from your browser even when you’re not on LinkedIn.

Did I miss a LinkedIn related app you love? What apps do you use to leverage the power of LinkedIn?