How Will You Influence? What LinkedIn’s Announcement About the Extended Publishing Platform Means for Your Business and Career!

LinkedIn’s announcement in a recent blog post The Definitive Professional Publishing Platform that they are opening up the ability to publish original content to all members and become industry an “Influencer”, is A TOTAL GAME CHANGER!

Here’s why:

1. It Levels the Playing Field.

This new update, is exciting because it provides everyone with the opportunity for thought leadership. Anyone with a message, expertise, or advice – not just LinkedIn selected influencers – can have a platform to add value to others, and become a thought leader of their respective industries.

The exchange of knowledge will become more focused and sought after. The real movers and shakers, the leaders of each industry, and the experts, will rise to the top and be discovered. So if you want to position yourself as an industry expert and attract new opportunities, now is the BEST time to do so.

2. Posts Will Only Get Better – High Quality Content Will Trump All.

With so much content you’d think  this will only add to the already existing bottleneck with the information overload, but the truth is, as LinkedIn’s Daniel Roth in his recent post The Myth of Information Overload:

“There is no information overload. There is only time wasted with the wrong kind of information.”

To get anyone’s attention, writers will have to out more efforts into publishing high value content that makes a difference for people.

The Psychology of LinkedIn- 2-24-14 (1)

3. Experience Accelerated Learning.

The benefit of this is clear. Professionals at every level can pick and choose the leaders of industries that they want to learn from most, gain access to years of experience, high level knowledge, and learn directly from the industry trend makers.

I don’t have access to publish yet, but you can be sure that I will take full advantage of this extended feature as soon as it becomes available – and so should you!

To learn more, click here

Who and what topics will you follow and write about?