Why the Details REALLY Matter: A Lesson in Delivering Value, Beating the Competition, and Improving Your Life!

“The Value is Found in the Details” told me Gal Yissar, the talented CEO of Net-Translators.

Meaning, if you want to improve your service and value – differentiate yourself from competition and increase the value of yourself or the company in the marketplace, focus on delivering the small details that others don’t bother to focus on.

He’s so right, because with details you can easily exceed expectations. And if you consistently exceed expectations you gain more than a client but a loyal and raving fan.

Do 5 start hotels offer anything major that a 3 or 4 star hotels don’t? Every hotel delivers the basics for an overnight stay: privacy, a bed, a toilet, a shower, towels, etc. but what makes a hotel luxurious – and therefore more desirable, are the details: cleanliness level is a bit higher, the towels are softer, the decor is nicer, the welcome chocolates on the pillows, etc. That’s why they invest so heavily in the details – the little details add to a lot of value, allowing them to double or triple the price they can charge.

In a recent survey, they found that when waiters provided a single mint with the bill, tips increased by 3%.  When given 2 mints, it increased tips by 14%! (source). Little detail, but a better customer experience causing a big impact.

When you deliver with more details than others, talk about what others don’t, do the work with greater detail and precision, you demonstrate immense value to your clients. Everyone can usually do the general work – it’s the details that make you stand out.

For example, in the localization process – the process of converting one product from one market to another, Net-Translators does it with greater details in each step, and that (among other things) makes all the difference.

Want to improve something in your life? You business, career, finances, relationships, etc.?

Think deeper about the details of the specific area you want to improve on. Ask yourself questions that begin with:
…and look at some of the details.

Then pick a couple of little details to improve on, and get better or different there. Sometimes improving something small makes all the difference.

How did you manage to advance? What little detail made the difference?
Please share in the comments section below.


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