How to Live a Purpose-Driven Life in The “Productive Zone”

All productive and high-performing people achieve success by using the 3 components of productivity:

1. Information – Relevant information, advice, news, and updates about what they need to know to move their life and business forward.

2. Technology – Leveraging the right tools contribute significantly to increase in productivity. Just think what life was like before the Internet or Smartphones…

3. People – Connecting and building relationships with the right people is key to productivity. The collective power is much greater than the sum of its parts. People make introductions, teach, and inspire us from their own experiences and failures. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without the combined efforts of a group of people.

The Basis of It All

The 3 components are intuitive to most people, but there is often one thing missing that activates their impact – Purpose.

The real key to progress is to have one purpose that drives and aligns all 3 components of productivity. When we are clear on our mission and are purpose-driven, we can leverage all of our resources towards progress.

Productivity Zone

The Greatest Resources Are FREE

Many people fail to realize that LinkedIn offers access to all 3 components of the “productive zone”: Access to relevant industry information and thought leadership, access to the right people, and advanced technology that powers it all for the greatest efficiency possible.

The company mission says it all: “To help professionals become more productive and successful.” All we need to do is come up with the purpose and put LinkedIn to work!

The Takeaway

Mastering LinkedIn isn’t just about “networking” or being the most connected person in the world. LinkedIn isn’t just another social network. It allows you to be skilled at living a productive and purpose-driven lifestyle!

So, create a purposeful mission with what you do, and put everything you have into living it into reality.

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