About the Post (found on LinkedIn): “Building Your Network: 3 Things to Do Everyday” As It Applies to LinkedIn

I recently came across this blog post on LinkedIn called Building Your Network: 3 Things to Do Everyday by Mika Salmi, CEO of cretiveLIVE talking about Michael Port and his new book Book Yourself Solid.

Buildng Your Network Post

I couldn’t agree more with the 3 things to do every day, and I do them as much and as often as possible. I would just add that using the LinkedIn features strategically, allows you to do this well, faster, and with more people.
Here’s how:

1) Share your network:

LinkedIn allows you to share a profile with someone – as to say, “check out this guy’s work! – would you like me to introduce you?” I make it a habit to send profiles who might be of interest to others in my network and offer to make an introduction.

The greatest gift you can give someone is an introduction to a person that can help them more than you can.

share profile

2) Share information:

LinkedIn is a great source of very interesting information (as you can see from this post), and with LinkedIn’s Influences program, allowing you to follow specific thought-leads, subscribe to Channels (NEW!), and receive customized information you care about, it’s very easy to find and share great content with your network.

By Sharing information on LinkedIn, not only do you provide people with value and help them with great information, but you also position yourself as a valuable resource and an asset. I know many people in my network that I follow closely simply because I like the content their share with the world.

Sharing Content

3) Be actively compassionate:

This is the one that matters most in my opinion, as great as LinkedIn is as the hi-tech for networking, it is worthless without the hi-touch human aspect. But if you ensure to keep the human relationship principles as you do offline in the real world, it allows your impact and influence to go much further.

Check out what Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Author of the bestselling book “The Startup of You” says on the topic of networking and the process of career growth:

Question for you:
Which of the 3 areas do you feel you need to improve on?