“Design Your Life”: How Tastemaker.com Will Transform Your Lifestyle

In my profession as a Software Localization Consultant, I come across many different interesting companies. My favorite ones, are usually technology and lifestyle companies who are up to something so awesome, you simply can’t hold back from buying their products, using their services, and cheer for their success.

The list is long and different for everyone, but you know what I mean… We all have our favorite products and services.  If you read my blog, you know I can’t imagine life without LinkedIn for example. A new one on my list is Tastemaker.com – a company that is applying technology to an area of Lifestyle (Interior Design). A winning formula!


I met the CEO Joe Fraiman, a close friend, during my College days, when we were both top notch sales reps in one of the most successful Cutco Offices in the country – the Manhattan team led by Joe Giannelli (Founder of Expert Students – Coaching for Students). Our team name was the “Manhattan Money Makers – Cha-ching!”…  Great memories…:)

Joe was the kid from Alaska who went to NYU – in other words, a lot more relaxed than most New Yorkers I know (I love NY – lived there for 10 years…). NY is not that relxing, it’s fast paste and people a rush in the morning to get places… If you lived in NYC you know what I’m talking about.

Now Joe is the Co-Founder of Taskmaster based Downtown San Francisco. His team is on a mission to transform an industry that has been operating the same way since the 1900’s. They are bringing technology to interior design. AND they are making it accessible to many more people.

To use Tastemaker’s design services for your home – or even just a room, you don’t need to be a mufti-millionair to hire a designer. They match you with a designer at different budget levels and their platform manages the entire project. It’s a perfect win-win. And when it’s a win-win, it’s usually a winning business!

Tastemaker’s T-Shirt says it all:
“Design your life”.
It’s not just Interior Design.
It’s Lifestyle.

Check them out at Tastemaker.com

Design Your Life Asher Abraham #Pluggged