The Little Tips That Make All The Difference

Many of us act like my 2 year old son in this video. I know I have…

Many people do this: We chase big goals, dreams and aspirations, often running in circles and not getting anywhere – not realizing that we may be closer than we think if we just stop, re-evaluate, look at what’s not working and change our approach – maybe even let go of something that is holding us back.

If Eitan understood what the remote control does and how it works, he would let go of the “forward” handle on the remote control and stop the car. But he has no clue that he’s the one moving the car forward. He doesn’t even know he doesn’t know.

When I finally showed him what to do, he stopped chasing cars….

I often find that sometimes all it takes is a one little piece of information that makes a big difference to help me move forward: “Hey Eitan, just let go…”.

That’s why I love learning little tips that have a huge impact. Sometimes one little tip makes all the difference! Just like the #1 winner in a race gets a much larger prize than #2 – even if he won by a millisecond.

Little Valuable Tips

Here are a few little tips that recently made a huge difference in the quality of my life and got me to stop “running in circles”:


  1. Save Email Templates.
    As Michael Hyatt suggests, I use my Outlook Signature templates as Email templates for different common situations (obviously I customize each one but it saves a lot of time crafting the email). This little tip alone can save you hours. Thanks Mike!
  2. Thank people on LinkedIn.
    When someone accepts your LinkedIn invitation to connect, be sure to send a Thank You email with a little gift in a form of a relevant article, video, or ebook – something that adds value to the person in some way. The goal isn’t just to connect but to start a relationship – what better way to begin than with a little gift?
  3. Use your webcam on calls.
    Unless I’m actually physically meeting a client, all of my client calls (when possible) are now done via a web/video conferencing service such as GoToMeeting using my webcam. This way, no matter where I am in the world, we can have a face to face meeting. 80% of communication is non-verbal so the conversation is much more productive, and the relationship is built closer and much faster than it would have otherwise.


  1. Stop reading – start listening.
    Yes, that’s right! Stop reading and start listening to great books instead. You can do it while you run, walk your dog, or wash some dishes. I completed about 20 amazing books last year because I switched from reading (I’m a slow reader) to!
  2. Soundtrack your life.
    Music has an incredible power to shift our mental state, intensify emotions, help us focus, create a romantic environment, or just get us “fired up” and excited! The key  is to play the right music at the right time. I use Jango playlists for different situations such as: working, running, dinner, or just chilling out.
  3. Follow a Morning Ritual.
    Make a list of your ideal morning rituals and begin your day intentionally. How you start is often how you finish, and your morning “list” will help you launch a productive day and build momentum of getting things done. One of the greatest feelings in the world, is feeling productive. My list includes: Drinking 2 glasses of water, a workout or run, time for spirituality and prayer, walking Nikki – my dog, and a healthy breakfast.
  4. Plan and create “Magic Moments”.
    John Maxwell Says “Most People don’t lead their lives – they accept their lives“. A “Magic Moment” is when you create a memorable experience for yourself and others – it’s often a surprise and always a special time together. A great life is filled with great memories born during great experiences. Don’t wait for “thing to happen” in your life to create memories but take the time to plan them and make them happen with the people you love most.

When the impact is 10x the investment of time or money, the value is tremendous. What little things have you found made a big difference in your life?