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The Sales Life Style is about learning about high performance sales, and living a high quality lifestyle. It’s about improving yourself and your numbers, so you can live a fun, fulfilled, and rewarding life!

In this blog I will write about the life of a sales professional in today’s internet and technology driven, social based economic environment. I’ve been a consistent top producer in various B2C and B2B sales roles in the past 15 years, and I’ve learned some incredible success principles, tips and tricks along the way from the best in the industry that I will share along with some of my own discoveries. I will share my struggles, my insights, and practical solutions that I find work for me in advancing my career, income, and lifestyle. Check out my About Me page for a more detailed background.

You will learn:

  1. The most up to date sales industry trends, tools, and best practices that top performers implement in their sales activities to become more effective and close consistent new business.
  2.  Social Sales training, tips and advice, made of valuable and actionable lessons you can implement into your life immediately, designed to help you succeed and make more commissions!
  3. Awesome books, training seminars and program reviews and recommendations.
  4. Proven tried-and-tested methods I use in to improve my lifestyle around my career.
  5. Personal development and leadership principles that you must learn and develop to become successful.
  6. Tips and advice on topics related to living a high quality sales lifestyle – including but not limited to: personal finance, health & fitness, inspiration, technology, entrepreneurship, relationships, etc.
  7. Much, much more…

My goal is to bring you information that is vital for your sales and personal development success. To bring you advice that you won’t necessarily get from your current manager, supervisor, leader or company, actionable information that can immediately implement to improve your daily life!

If you’re like any motivated sales person, you know you can do more, you know you have it in you, but many of us don’t have someone dedicated in the role of a mentor – to empower us and coach us on how to achieve new heights. And although you’re in it FOR yourself, you won’t accomplish your goals and dreams BY yourself.

My commitment to you, as my reader, is to serve you with what I know and learn in the process. I hope that you find this Blog helpful in your daily journey to achieve success – including, but not limited to: LARGE commission checks, an EXCITING lifestyle, and whatever else you plan to achieve in your life.

I invite you to sign up with your name and email to get my blog posts and updates. Please do not hesitate to make comments, email me with questions, and share the information with your friends, team members, and on social networks – the more you do, the better this blog will be, and the more people it can help become sales/life rock-stars!

I’m looking forward to making a difference in your life. Is there a specific topic you would like me to write about?