Why Hashtags (#) Are Taking Over the World Wide Web

If you haven’t noticed, we’re now in the era of the Hashtag(#)!

Everyone is now Hashtagging their posts. Hashtaging is no longer for Twitter only, it’s an amazing way to categorize and identify conversations and brands everywhere online.


The entire world wide web is run on a simple concept – key words. Your name is a key word. Your company name, your industry, and profession, are key words. The world online is now being managed using key words. And it’s not just important for Google or for ranking high on search results, it’s just as important on your LinkedIn profile, twitter posts, and even for branding company names like one of my favorite new “brands” – #besomebody.

You may not legally own a key word, but you can still OWN the conversation about it online by using the Hashtag.

Kash Shaikh, the founder of #besomebody is an ex-GoPro marketing executive, who’s on a mission to spread the positive message around the world to BE SOMEBODY of value. Knowing the power of the Hashtag, he made it a part of the brand. #besomebody isn’t just a key word, it’s THE brand. It’s a brilliant move. He now OWNS #besomebody in the worldwide web. It’s the name and the one and only key word people need to remember to get #pluggedin to #besomebody.

This is a natural progression of the internet and its worldwide expansion. Now that most good dot com domains are taken, and people are forced to use dot me, dot net, dot biz, dot cc, etc. people are also understanding the power of social media to drive traffic and create communities for their websites. So the use of Hashtagging only makes sense, has become more critical and is on the rise everywhere you look.

This is why I officially added the Hashtag: “#PluggedIn”.

If you’re in business, marketing, love social media, and believe in your message, pick your official Hashtag and use it on every post.

Stay connected, stay #pluggedin, and please post a comment below with your chosen Hashtag!