Your “Invisible” Golden Keys to The Doors of Opportunity

The Golden Key of Opportinty

There’s a reason why humans live in communities. Our networks of family and friends hold so many opportunities and support many important missions that require a team or a community of supporters. It’s by design of God and how it’s supposed to work in a well functioning and prosperous society. People must help each other in order to success. That is why LinkedIn is doing so well. It’s not just the technology, it’s the experience of collaboration that blows people away.

You see, people hold the keys to the infinite doors of opportunity, and they are all knocking. Very loud. Whats missing for many people is nothing but the key. Your network holds many keys that open many doors. Some of them don’t even realize it.

YOU may not even be aware that you’re holding so many Golden Opportunity Keys for others to use –  for example, you may not realize that your best friend, a team member of a software company that is expanding globally needs expert assistance with localization. That would be a huge opportunity for me as a software Localization Consultant, and a Golden Opportunity Key that you’re holding – it’s an Invisible key.

As a heavy LinkedIn user, I can tell you that I’m always grateful and amazed at the power of it to produce Golden Keys of Opportunity for the people all around the world by making all of us closer, searchable, and reachable. I hear it from everyone and experience it myself all the time.

The key for your career, business, or mission in life isn’t to reach more people, its to reach the right people who have some keys (even if they don’t realize).

When using LinkedIn, be inviting and open to meet new people in your industry and out of it. Make it easier for people to find you and contact you – You may hold the next key to someone’s greatest opportunity of a lifetime.

Have the BEST week ever!

and… stay #pluggedIn! 🙂


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