Your Power to Help People: Words of Encouragement

words of encouragement #pluggedin with Asher Abraham

Our greatest God given gift is our ability to speak and communicate an idea or a principle to another. With that in mind, your biggest generosity can be nothing else but giving words of encouragement – what you say to people can have a profound and lasting impact on their lives.

When I think about all the people that made a profound and lasting impact on my life, those who encouraged me to win big and supported me to the finish line of my goals – an ambitious sales goal, a triathlon, or even something as simple as having a great day, I always think of the coaches, the people who believed and supported me when times were tough and I was close to quitting.

When I doubted myself, they didn’t. They would say to me, “If you don’t feel like quitting at times, you’re not growing.”

When I was a young student selling Cutco products for 6 years going from one appointment to the next, I always had my biggest sales weeks after a conference, where the CEO of Vector MarketingAl DiLeonardo, would encourage and express his belief in his young sales reps. We can all learn to be more like Al, and seek to be around Al’s in our lives.

You probably experienced it yourself at one point or another in your life. When you’re surrounded by people who believe in you, you can achieve anything because your inner voice that keeps questioning if you’re good enough is overcome by the people telling you to believe and keep going.

Your friends, your team, they can all use your gift of words of encouragement. I bet you wouldn’t mind a few either. Thinking big was never easy, but so worth it. If we want to continue improving the world, disrupt markets, invent new technologies, and sources of energy, we need to encourage people in pursuit of their goals. Their goals will benefit all of us, just like your life’s work is a contribution to many.

“You can contribute by giving TO a cause or by giving OF YOURSELF. Either way, it’s a real and meaningful contribution.”

The Charge – by Brendon Burchard

No mission is too small. Everyone I know is doing their part to contribute by what they do and it ain’t always easy. But everyone is doing their best to make a contribution with a supporting network of people who help them in their mission.

This blog post is really for me. To remind myself to make a conscious effort to be the person that supports and encourages people the way others have done for me.  I just hope you’d do the same for the people around you. So here are my words of encouragement to you: If you believe in something – go for it. Yes, you can and you will do it. If no one else does, know that I believe in you! : ) As will Smith said in The Pursuit of Happiness: “If you want something, go get it! Period.”

I’d love to hear from you – what have you accomplished in your life because others supported you?