“Who the *&@%# Are You?” 5 Questions that Build Trust and Credibility in Business

“Who the heck are you? What do you want, and how did you find me from China – the other side of the world?”

Have you ever had that thought? Perhaps when someone without a picture and very little information invites you to connect on LinkedIn?

I authentically am very curious to know what key word helped someone in China find me.

I’ve been there many times as I’m sure you have.

Many people want to avoid that situation so they hide. They avoid LinkedIn all together because they don’t want to be “bothered by strangers” and get all the “Junk email” they send…

But there is another approach. You can use this information gap to turn a stranger into a new friend or trusted business partner. You just need to be open to it.

You can use this question “Who the  *&@%# are you?” to your advantage.

Who Are You #pluggedinIf you don’t want people asking that question about you in a professional/business context, be sure your LinkedIn profile includes the following:

1. Why you do what you do.

What impact do you make for others?
If you’re not sure, fill this out:
“I help _____ so that they can ____ ”

2. How you do it.
Do you offer a product? a service? a skill you have? software?

3. How you are different than everyone else in your industry.

Do you serve a niche market, have a specialty, or specific results that are unique to you?

4. Who you do it for.
Who is your ideal client?

5. How to reach you.
Don’t be a tease. If you can help someone, make it easy for them to reach out to you.

Ensure you have answers to these 5 questions in your LinkedIn profile (Summary section),  so you can build Trust and Credibility when you show up in people’s life. And when they see your LinkedIn profile, they won’t ask “Who the $#^&% Are You? and what do you want from me?”  They will know exactly who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should be glad to get to know you better.

Looking forward to learn more about you on LinkedIn and perhaps even meeting you in person soon!

Until then, Live with Intention – LOVE your life!